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I've made some graphic designs of how I think roulette could work in Flux. I reckon it would be a fun mode as the round is server wide (not separate rounds per player), I can see players trying to coordinate strategies in chat, would be funny to see.

- Clicking the box in the "Anonymous mode" will hide your name and picture as seen on the right hand side and the Top 3 wins

- Under the "Player bets" tab, the arrow pointing downwards just scrolls down the list to show other players in the round

- If you were to bet $55k as shown in one of the images, although the purple chip is $50k and the betting image shows $55k, that's because the chips will remain purple until the amount is the same as or over the next colour chip

- Undo button removes your last chip placed

- Redo button places the exact same bet you placed the previous round

Main screen:


Number picked:


Number pick + win


Placing bet:


Ball spin:


Payout page 1 and 2



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