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B4t3sy's TTT Appeal


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Server: TTT

SteamID: B4t3sy

Reason for ban: Gagged

Issuing staff member: Monk

Ban length: Perma



I don’t understand why I was Perma gagged over a slurs in reports then apparently saying it in voice chat? I understand I can’t say fagget but the way it was dealt I feel was unfair

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I do remember gifcartel gagging me because I called him a fag which he didn’t give any warning to he just gagged me, I was also very drunk when this all occurred and don’t remember everything exactly if I am ungagged I will vow to abstinence and will never use a homophobic slur again in my life ❤️

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That is just admin abuse from gifcartel, I called him a fag once in voice then he kept gagging me, since when was fagget a homophobic slur anyways? I meant it in an endearing way. I was very drunk and I feel like it was taken out of proportion. I apologise to the LGBTQ community, gifcartel and everyone else that was offended/affected from my behaviour. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me ❤️

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@ B4t3sy unfortunately your appeal for a ungag has not passed,

based on your behaviour the punishers have voted against your ungag, you had many chances and warnings to stop but you didn't listen and continued to say homophobic slurs.
you may appeal for another ungag in the future.
If you wish to talk my DM's on discord is open

this appeal is denied and closed

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