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AstroCaleb for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:32259919

Age: 25

Current Server Level: 21

Recommendation(s) from Staff: birbobert


About AstroCaleb:


Hello all, 

A little bit about myself: My name is (Astro)Caleb, I have a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, and I'm currently a lecturer in Chemistry. I'm a giant science and space nerd, likes all things tech.

Besides from my career, I play multiple musical instruments - acoustic guitar, bass, drums, keyboard; I like to do astrophotography (as you guys might have seen on discord), and I game! My main game used to be CS:GO, R6S, Kerbal Space Program, CODs etc. Lately i've been playing planet coaster and got back into TTT/DarkRP recently. 

I'm also kinda active on Twitch mainly watching a few community for variety. 

Speaking of GMOD, back in 2016 I watched one too many PewDiePie's video and I really wanted to play PropHunt. So thats that. 

That's me in a nutshell! 😄 



Reason for Application:


I have been staff here at flux a few years back but I had to step down and focus on studies. Since now I'm done, I have a little bit more free time to game every now and then.

The current mod team is doing a fantastic job and I would love to join and help especially during peak hours.

It is of my great interest to help maintain and moderate the server and keep this a safe and enjoyable space for all. 



Previous Experience:


Previous TTT Admin, 5HeadGaming, 2016

TTT Admin/Senior Admin; DarkRP Admin, XplosionNetwork, 2016/2017

Community Manager, TTT ,ResoluteServers, 2017-2018 

Trial Mod (resigned due to uni), Flux Servers 2018/2019


Moderating TTT Servers Since 2016



Additional Comments:


Apparently I joined the discord for the first time November of 2018. Thats a long time ago....

Anyways - happy to answer any other questions you have for me 🙂 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 


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