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TTT Rules - A Confirmation

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I have seen this situation a few times (although it is a little bit rare), however the judgement by staff is inconsistent. The purpose of this post is to acquire a definitive answer which the staff are aware of and will apply consistently.

The situation: Players A, B and C are all innocent. The situation is functionally the same if B is a traitor and/or C is a detective.

Player A does something which B kills them for and B is well within the rules to do so (e.g. A shot B or crowbarred B for no reason). C, either having observed B kill A or finding out through some other means (e.g. DNA or B put a KOS on A before killing them) then kills B.

Who does B report and who is at fault? To me the answer is that A is responsible and should be punished, yet I have seen cases where B instead reports C and C is punished. B has been wronged, yes, but not by C. This doesn't make any sense. C has killed someone who killed an innocent - this is the fundamental point of the game mode and yet players that do this are being punished.

In the rules an exception is made in the definition of a traitorous act: "Shooting around or towards other players, unless for self-defence". If B writes in the chat or says in voice that they killed A for this reason, under the precedent being set I must believe B otherwise I am at fault, which includes cases where B is a traitor. This underlined part in my opinion should not be there at all.

Please give your feedback, along with your reasoning if you disagree.


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