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Fingerbasher5000's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059348823/

Reason for ban: Cheating

Issuing staff member: Richard Thick

Ban length: Permanant



I'm pretty certain that ol' mate will keep me banned, but dude banned me for hacking and claimed to have multiple clips of evidence. Pretty sure he's actually banned me because he holds a grudge and I just want to say Cody, I'm ready to make amends, I want you to take me into your big strong arms and tell me everything will be okay. I sit alone in my room listening to Shannon Noll on repeat thinking about how our comedic duo was cut too short due to young drama. Think of all the goofs and gafs we had champion, think of the memories. 

I dedicate this one to you, U_iz_Asian :(


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Hello @ Fingerbasher5000

The evidence brought against you makes it very clear that an external program was assisting you in the game.
Cheating will not be tolerated on the server so the ban will remain in place.
You're welcome to believe the ban was issued because of a 'grudge', but this is not the case, you were cheating.

You are welcome to appeal this ban again at a later date, I'd recommend giving it a year.

/denied and closed.

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