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tank's Appeal

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SteamID: 458020413

Reason for ban: mic spam

Issuing staff member: lux

Ban length: permanet



i am not going to spam it i wont i will no longer mic spam no text spam it will be easyer to call out thetraitor if hes chacing me

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@ tank
I am going to bring this appeal to the staff team. IF you are ungagged, this is the behaviour that will be expected from you:

- Do not beg people for items or trades.
Do not demand that someone has to duel you or fight you a certain way, just let people play the game.
Do not scream, yell or breathe loudly into the mic. Nobody wants to hear it.
Do not mic spam or talk constantly throughout the round, just talk when you need to.
Any breach of these conditions will result in a permanent gag without appeal.

I will bring these conditions to the staff team and see if they believe they are suitable boundaries for you to be ungagged.

Please reply to this comment to show that you agree to these conditions and understand them.

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@ tank You appeal has been accepted.

You will get a steam message from @ Hharry to make sure you understand the rules of your ungag.

If you break the rules again, you will be gagged for a very long time.
I hope that this does not happen.

/accepted and closed.

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