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Diggsie's Staff Application

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Hi! My name’s diggsie, but you can just call me diggs. This server was the first server I ever played Deathrun on, and ever since I’ve loved the game mode, I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod for roughly 3 years (casually), I have a good amount of experience and can moderate a server with ease. So please, judge accordingly. Thanks for reading!


The server:

I’m applying for Moderator on the Deathrun server.


My Steam name:



My Steam id:



My Age:

16 years of age.


My Recommendations:

Sid [Administrator and Server Manager]

Rehza [Administrator and Server Manager]


Why do you want to become staff?

I intensely want to join Flux’s Server Moderation Team because I believe that I will indubitably succeed and I would be a useful, qualified, and helpful asset. I enjoy managing people and enforcing server policies/rules. With the powers supplied to me as a Server Moderator, I would be able to administer and supervise activity on the server more efficiently. I want to help the community as much as possible, and I want to be actively involved in activities that allow me to achieve that goal. I know I would be able to uphold the position of Moderator due to the job requiring skills in which I am very experienced with. I have a lot of experience as a staff member on multiple communities and I overall excel with player/server management. I spend a lot of time and effort into this job, and I want to progress forward with a position that holds power on an alternative Gamemode platform that I enjoy.


I want a chance to work with the people in this staff team and contribute to keeping a positive, safe, and enjoyable environment on the staff team and server. I will assure that the content in the chat, and voice chat;  is in direct accordance with the rules. I wish to do more in order to benefit not only the community but also the staff team. I see this as an opportunity to get involved with an additional role that includes my interests. I promise to accommodate to the team’s standard. I understand the responsibilities of a Moderator, and I know that I am qualified to do the job correctly and efficiently. Overall, I want to join the Moderation team as a result of my determination to further excel in Flux Server.


My microphone and who often I use it:

I do have a microphone, I also consistently use it. Almost every time I join a server I love to converse with the players.


My hours on Flux servers:

1d 23h 15m, I understand I’m cutting it short by 45 minutes, but I really want to get this out and be able to focus on something else.


My previous experience in different game modes:


My staff positions on another server or community (If so state them):

Icefuse Network- Moderator

I did not complete my trial because of my inactivity to which I could not control. I had only retained the Moderation team for a short while but was ultimately removed due to a surplus of staff members, I was also not comfortable moderating a server from a different region.

GM: Clone Wars RP

DOA: July 2017

AVG: 100-120

IN/AC: Active


Atlantic Servers- Junior. Administrator

I was one of 3 Administrators on the server and had just recently received the honour of joining the staff team. This was the second server I had joined, it was my all time favourite.

GM: Dark RP

DOA: September 2015

AVG: 60-90 players daily

IN/AC: Inactive


Weed Servers- Senior. Administrator

This server shut down around 2 ½ months ago, it was my all time favourite server to play on and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and community.

GM: Dark RP

DOA: December 2017

AVG: 35-50 players daily

IN/AC: Inactive


Echelon Servers- Community Founder/Senior Administrator

This server is a platform for other servers to join and retain information, you don’t have to worry about me not having time for EG.


DOA: December 2018


IN/AC: Active


Trillux Network- Senior Moderator

I do not have much memory of this server apart from the name and Owner, it was my all time favourite Sandbox server and taught me a lot about tolerance and control, as this server would harbour a lot of minges who considered it fun to break the rules.

GM: Sandbox

DOA: April 2016

AVG: 30-45 players daily

IN/AC: Inactive


Galactic Core- Staff Manager

The core of this server was roleplaying as Star Wars characters, this server did not last too long but had plenty of potentials, I refined the staff team considerably well for my age. They had formed a bond and a lasting effect of respect.

GM: Imperial Era

DOA: October 2018

AVG: 25-35 players daily

IN/AC: Inactive


Revenant Network- Discord/Teamspeak Manager

This was a server for roleplaying as either Taliban or RAF soldiers within Afghanistan, it did not release due to technicalities.

GM: Military Roleplay

DOA: June 2018

AVG: 5-10 players daily

IN/AC: Inactive


The Sandbox- Senior Administrator

This server is a fun and exciting PVP server that has basically no rules. It allows people to build and have an enjoyable time.

GM: Sandbox

DOA: January 2019

AVG: 40-50 players daily.

IN/AC: Active



*I can and will provide proof and contacts of my experience within these servers.*

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