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Reporting 101

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Reporting is a great tool for dealing with RDM or other issues that go on during a match, but if it's not used correctly it can make it hard for staff to judge properly or staff can be overwhelemed with invalid or overly complex reports.

You will often be prompted after your death, shown who killed you and asked if it was RDM or not. If it is RDM, click that button and file the report against the offending player. If you did not get this window or want to report someone for something else you can type !report and it will also bring up the reporting window.

If you need to contact staff for any reason during a game, do not use the !report function.  Again this just clogs our reports menu.
Type '@ message' if you need assistance from staff during a game.

The lists below are not exhaustive, but merely a guideline. You should still report or contact admins if you are in doubt.

You should report for:

  • Players killing you for little or no reason (RDM)
  • Innocents/Detectives calling a KoS on you for little or no reason
  • Players damaging you randomly

You should contact staff for:

  • General issues on the server
  • Players harassing you (This is important because it helps us differentiate between banter and harrassment)
  • Players disrupting your gameplay every round

You should not report for:

  • Players killing you for a justifiable reason (e.g You start shooting them first)
  • To get the staff's attention
  • False reasons (e.g Claiming something that didn't happen)

To help your report to be processed quickly and accurately, it should look something like this:

Not like this:

If the server is unstaffed and there is RDM or issues on the server, you can ping the TTT Mods in the Server-Support channel on our Discord.
Staff have a diverse range of tools to investigate reports and do their best to produce a fair and consistant verdict. If you feel a verdict was not fair or accurate, then feel free to bring your case (and any evidence you have to support it) to a Senior mod or higher.


Please enjoy your time on Flux 🙂

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