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Shadow's Mod Application.

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For the Flux BunnyHop Server.


Steam Name: DetectiveShadow (STEAM_0:1:41093226)



Why Do I want to become staff?

Mainly to help out if anything happens on the server, e.g. when Zed is away or other mods/admins are not on. 

I play on the server nearly everyday, there's only been a few time where someone has done things against the rules and often i'll call them out about it, generally they just leave the server.


Do I have a Microphone and do I use it often?

I do have a Mic, I use it everytime on the server, some people ask for help and it's a lot easier explaining things with a Mic rather then through text.


How many hours do I have on Flux Servers?

I'm not sure, the GameTracker doesn't work on the server, I know it's been well over 48 hours.


Have I previously been a staff member on any Gmod server?

Yes, I've been mod and op on CookieX, and mod on Persuant's server awhile ago. I was going to be a mod on old Death run server for I think Swag bucks or something when I first started Gmod.


Thank you.



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