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Just Veno's Application

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Server: Flux TTT


Steam name: Just Veno


SteamID: (You can find this using https://steamidfinder.com/)STEAM_0:0:129882332


Age: 15 (16 in April)



1: Nobody unfortunately


Why do you want to become staff?

- I am really active on the server and I join during the day or at night and there are very rarely admins on. People think that when there are no admins, the server rules can be broken. RDMing is a sh*tfest and people spam racial/homophobic slurs. I admit to being guilty of RDMing but I feel mine are for good reason. If someone attacks me I shoot back. I feel that the server needs more active admins to stop this awesome server from becoming a MineCraft NoRules server. I may not get this admin position on this server but it is my goal this year to get admin on another server, hopefully this one.


Do you have a microphone and how often do you use it?

- I use my microphone a lot but I don't spam


How many hours do you have on Flux Servers?

- 1 day 3 hours


Have you previously been a staff member on any Gmod servers?

- I got Admin on Kawaii Network a year or 2 ago and 2 days later the server shut down.

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