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Sam's Bhop Application

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Server: Bhop


Steam name: Sam


Steam id: STEAM_0:0:43333732


Age: 16



1: I haven't ever seen any staff on the server. If I do, I will ask.


Why do you want to become staff?

- There have been a few toxic people on the server recently aswell as some runs that are very very obviously cheated (I can tell, I've been bhopping for close to 1000 hours). There are also some people that have openly using autostrafers and I am unable to do anything about it.


Do you have a microphone and how often do you use it?

- I do have a microphone and I use it often.


How many hours do you have on Flux Servers?

- Gametrackers not working for me, but I'd assume I'm very close to 100 hours. I'm the second highest ranked player on the server and have amassed over 20000 points. Anyone that has played a bhop server knows this is no easy task.


Have you previously been a staff member on any Gmod servers?

- Yes, I am currently a senior staff on Poseidon Servers and play Flux Bhop in my spare time as it is the best bhop server in Australia at this point in time.


Thank you.

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