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Corey admin abuse (darkrp)


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Your Steam Name: Yuko

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:92755856


Name Of Server: Flux servers DarkRP

Date & Time of Incident: (18/12/2018  06:25 pm)

Reported Player's Steam Name: Corzabarnes

Reported Player's SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Corzabarnes/

What They Did Wrong: At first he warned me for minging to a different player because i was stealing his ores and i was like ok i wont do it again and so a few minutes later i was with text text and i was helping him mine since i had a better pickaxe so i mined once while he finished the rock off and then i was kicked straight away without any warning or talk i think that he thought that i was minging by taking someones ores but i wasn't and he didn't even talk with me about it and text text (the victim) will back me up on it.

also i lost my 4 upgraded printers which is annoying since i lost all my money except 100k.

ogged Evidence on Reported Player: It should be on the system where he kicked me also text text was there with me.

Video Evidence on Reported Player: (If applicable)


p.s he also likes to mug me and put hits on me VERY often and although not against the rules it is annoying. also there was this one time with me brian and him where I stole his printers but he mugged me straight away so I had to give corey , brian's printer and so brian asked where his printer was and corey kept lying about how he didnt have brian's printers so i broke into corey's base and found that he had brians printers that whole time and although it isnt against the rules it was annoying for brian since it was fully upgraded and corey couldnt take any money out anyways and brian kept stressing and worrying about where his printers where.

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