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ThyJebusBeDone's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198002574288

Reason for ban: Putting bounties on players after multiple warnings

Issuing staff member: birbobert

Ban length: 3 days



Good evening overlords,

It is I, ThyJebusBeBannedDone. I have come before you to appeal a justified ban. Over the past week, I created, cultivated and ran a very successful bounty business. It was so successful that I am now completely broke and have been banned for three days. I am not appealing the entirety of the ban as I am indeed guilty of the crimes I have been banned for. I would like to request a reduction in the ban time to 36 hours (half of the ban). Otherwise, I will be forced to spend time with my family on the weekend and not playing Garry's Mod. I'm sure you can picture the absolute horror of anyone being subjected to that sort of torture. I will now attempt to win you over with a poem I have literally created just now;

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I can't rhyme to save my life,

Please unban me.

All memes aside, I would be grateful if you allowed me to return on the weekend.



P.S. Birbobert, that 0 is still yours regardless ;]

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Hi dude, thanks for applying. There's just a couple of things that need to be discussed here.

First of all, you have been Denied.

Now when it comes to you're application, the issue we see is that there was no apology directed towards either staff team or the affected community member. Although you're application to some may be humorous of nature, its is unacceptable when dealing with a punishment that in turn was a direct result of you harassing another community member, and has rubbed off in bad taste.

We apologies again that you now have to deal with your family instead of the haven which is Flux TTT. We hope to see you soon with better behavior and respect for both the community members and flux servers as a whole. You're ban will expire 06/03/2022 6:30PM Queensland Time.

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