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Sid Deathrun Staff Application

Guest SlothyyySid

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Guest SlothyyySid


CHECK - You need at least 120 hours.

CHECK - A microphone.

CHECK - Active on discord. 


Steam name: Flux | Sid, AKA - SlothySid


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:75646395


Age: 16


Why do you want to become staff? To help out the server in any way I can, keep it a fun and happy experience for everyone and keep the server going strong!


Do you have a mic and how often do you use it? Yes I have a mic. I use it almost whenever I am on unless in a foul mood which is rare Big Grin


How many hours do you have on our server? 8d 12hrs (Over 200 hours)


Have you been a staff member on any gmod servers? WAS trial mod on DRUN


What would you do if you catch someone button spamming? I would warn them to stop and if they continue they will be slain next round!


What would you do if you notice someone ghosting? There is no way to really ghost in deathrun but I would warn them to stop and then again slay them the next round.


What would you do if someone starts abusing another player? Warn them, get them to stop as calmly as possible and if they continue I would mute or gag them depending on what for of communication they were abusing the other by.


What would you do if someone is mic spamming? I would ask them to stop and if they continue gag them for a short period of time however upon being ungagged if they continue to spam their mics they will be gagged for a longer period of time.


Thanks for your conSIDeration!

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