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Majora01 for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198122299440

Age: 22

Current Server Level: 25

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About Majora01:


Hey All,

My name is Gus, Im a 22 Male who enjoys to play Gmod whenever  I'm not working. I'm a 4th year Aircon and Refrigeration Tech, soon to become fully qualified in acouple of months time. Whenever Im not at work I like to sit back and relex while listening to music or play Gmod. When im not playing Gmod I enjoy Camping, Restoring Vintage Engines and Radio, and Cosplay. I Cosplay as a Sandtrooper from Starwars and also Cosplay as Thomas from Daft Punk (Tron Version). I love helping my mates and family on weekends too.




Reason for Application:


The reason I am applying for this position is to help out the new players and point them into the right direction if they need a hand. I also want to help out the sever and the amazing staff we got. I believe we need more staff due to the number of new players coming onto the server.



Previous Experience:


Ive got no Experience being a Staff member on any servers, but ive got years of experience of being a good sport and team player.




Additional Comments:


Thank You for taking the time to read my Application


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