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ProfessorPrasser's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: ProfessorPrasser

Reason for ban: Cheating

Issuing staff member: birbobert

Ban length: foverver



I was just playing the game and got banned

in the flux-server-punishments
clip #1: i have no fucking clue source spaggheti or some shit. On my screen i shot the guy with my crosshair on him

clip#2: i waited till my radar had rechardged to push and pre-fired on the spot he was at.

clip#3: on my screen I shot the person at top then the bottem then finished off the person at top.

I really just think this was server lag for spectator, watch more in spec and usually the shots don't really line up that well.
also not to mention the whole time i was playing on an average level and missed a mag dump aswell.

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