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Ban Appeal

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| steamname: Terrestrial Ocean (No Snd)

|  steam3ID: [u:1:167348294]

| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:83674147

| steamID64: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198127614022

| customURL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TerrestrialOcean

|  steamrep: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198127614022


Hello everyone, i am probably known as the infamous Teoin, and upon reading that name the thread will be locked without any considerations. Wait. I was permanently banned in February by TheHustler98, it was my 3rd account of administrative abuse. I was essnetially banned  for acting like a c*** as listed on the ban when it was first sent out: "Mass RDM, Admin Abuse, Being a Cunt." However, the reason was recently removed; blanked i wonder if anybody else believed it to be obscene. I was temperamental, depressed, school was rough, and it made me have no empathy or considerations for the feelings of anybody else. Essentially, i told Hustler to "cry me a river." Someone refused forgiveness against me and i made a crude joke about it, "I'm happy you got rdm'd on your T round." However, it was after that when Hustler reported me, asking me whether i have any empathy for the feelings of anybody else, and i thought that Hustler was referring to the crude statement i inappropriately blasted against that individual. However. i claimed that it was a joke, as i said to the individual and apologized afterwards in voice chat. Although, that wasn't the reason for the report, which Hustler didn't clarify. I apparently rdm'd him accidently with a barrel 2 rounds ago, the same reason to which i killed the Traitor; accidently during my prop-fight with another player which i cannot remember (Started with a B, i de-friended him so i don't know who he is). However, it was all an accident. After Hustler's report i told him in chat to "Cry me a river" as a joke, thinking about the Justin Timberlake song, although that never went well.  


Ok... Well, Teoin you broke the rules; In February... There are some inequalities with my ban. Mass RDM is mass BRDM (3 BRDM's over multiple rounds), not mass ARDM; this occured over 3 rounds (2 ARDM's). I did not Mass RDM, however, i take full responsibility for the immaturity i displayed and my failure to interact accordingly with other people on the server. I admin abused and i acted like a cunt, however, i did not Mass BRDM as stated on my ban sentence. It's been about 4 months... People can change. I may not play on the server all of the time like i used to, but i question the rationale of you if you cannot give me another chance. My previous ban for admin abuse was only 5 days, i was told by Jerome/Wendy my next one would only be approximately a month's length. It's been 3 months, please consider.

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After reading through your appeal, we have decided to ACCEPT your appeal. However, as you have been banned before on our servers MULTIPLE times, a close eye will be kept on you.


Failing to obey the rules again may result in a ban WITHOUT being able to appeal.

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