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Second ban appeal

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my update post on the other appeal got deleted by a mod so i guess i need to make a new appeal?


Name: jimbo :-)

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:26561750

Reason for being banned: Exploiting, explain yourself on forums

Staff Member who banned you: Not stated

Ban Length: Permanent

Your Appeal: The permanent ban is due to my model. I had explained openly on the server with a solid 30 people there that it's some sort of bug that's happened with me and this server in particular where the models that I have equipped do not load and instead my standard Gmod playermodel loads. The one admin that actually bothered to follow up properly, look at my inventory and actually talk to me/try to help out was NotZed, so kudos to him. About 15 minutes after telling everyone what was happening on my end and getting some help from NotZed I was permanently banned.

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