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Sid Admin Abuse and disobeying rules

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YourNameInGame: long chin man 

YourSteamID: STEAM_0:0:83768700

NameOfServer: Trouble in Terrorist Town #1

Date&TimeOfWhenItHappened: 22:00


WhatWasHeDoingToGetReported: I spawned a portable tester. Sid Disobeyed Gameplay Rule #2 "Destroying a Traitor tester or moving it some where it can't be used is KOSable" - Resulting in me asking him to return it or he would be KOS'd to which he did not comply and was subsequently killed. I then attempted to retrieve the tester out of the hole when Sid admin messeged me that the hole "would not kill" me if I entered it which was a lie.He then continued to accuse me of not knowing the rules. RDM'd me as I shot another player for attempting RDM then slayed me for the round that I had KOS'd him in

ReportedPlayersInGameName: Sid

ReportedPlayersSteamID: STEAM_0:1:75646395

LogEvidenceOnReportedPlayer:  Check dlogs and clogs for full evidence of the event


I'd really like to request this staff member's rank be reconsidered as hes shown to be very immature and somewhat abusive. 

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Hello long chin man,

You are correct! Gameplay Rule #2 clearly states that "Destroying a Traitor tester or moving it some where it can't be used is KOSable". In this very situation the map was ttt_metropolis and at the given time you had just placed down the tester, I then proceeded to use my magneto stick to pick up the tester and held it in my hand as I jumped off that building onto the pipe leading to the construction site and aimed to just run around with it. At the same time as soon as I jumped you had started shooting me whilst saying to bring it back giving no real opportunity to do so even if i wanted to. What I have done and what a lot of people do on this server is not against the rule as it strictly states that DESTROYING or MOVING it to an area where it CAN'T BE USED. An area where it can't be moved is like throwing it to the bottom of metropolis, it is COMPLETELY unusable and no way to retrieve it. I strongly advise you to read the rules carefully next time as you are the one who was in the wrong. <- You do not clearly know the rules here and it is evident.


EDIT: Would like to clarify the tester only fell into an unreachable area after you killed me up until that point it was still safe in my hands.


As for the part saying no it would not kill you I had said that for a meme as you kind of deserved it for what you did as I had done nothing wrong in the gameplay that had me deserving to be killed. At this very time you had other people telling you on the server that yes it would kill you and you also had other people who were saying Yes it would kill you so you cannot simply pin that one on me, my voice does not overpower all the people screaming into their mics especially when I'm only using chat,


For the final part of your report I slayed you for RDM when you killed me as a Detective for running away with the tester, no slay was added when I killed you that would just make no sense. In this situation you shot someone without warning or call out therefor giving me full reason to kill you, be it traitor baiting or not.


Hope you read this response clearly and understand how justified my actions were and that from now on you should treat Gameplay Rule #2 more carefully as 90% of people on the server did what I did and you would have gotten a slain for killing anyone who did it.

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