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Alucard toxic homophobe rdmer report

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YourNameInGame: Pluffthesugartit


NameOfServer:Flux ttt

Date&TimeOfWhenItHappened: Feb 4th and 6th


tWhatWasHeDoingToGetReported: So two days ago I joined flux during the early hours (3pm in Toronto) There were only four people including myself on Alucard, me and two randoms. As soon as I joined and said where is everyone. Alucard said oh no its fkin pluff again better mute him. Anyways as we joined the next map, he kept calling me names such as inbred, faggot, gay boi, and such. Up to here wasn't too bad as I too sometimes am a savage lil man on ttt. When I joined today he continued to call me names and kept rdming. Regarless of the fact Cardigan was on. Cardigan was in spec mode but he did handle some of my rdm reports but not all of them :( Its 2018 and a homophobe should not be able to play ttt. Refer to my visual evidence to the extent of Alucard's actions. Please ban this goof. https://imgur.com/a/WZSAk




VideoEvidenceOnReportedPlayer: https://imgur.com/a/WZSAk

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