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Found 2 results

  1. Server: Discord SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465 Reason for ban: Sharing Personal Information Issuing staff member: Monk Ban length: Perm Appeal: For starters I didn't dox anyone, look up the definition of doxing that's not what I did. A low-quality photo of someone was circulating and I sent it to someone who had a bad day at work (he was cranky) and then I was banned. There are no rules against people spreading personal information about others including themselves. Here's a short list of examples. - Regular players and just players in general streaming their faces in the flux discord. - People posting their addresses in-game. - People sending around other people's social media as well as them sending it themselves. - People sending around photos of other players (outside of the server) (what I got banned for) I'm trying my hardest to not name any names and still make sense. Now, the individual that streamed their face into a public discord which happens to be the flux discord did so willingly knowing well that other people would see their face, from what I saw there were around 10 other people in the discord call at the time. I am not entirely sure who started sending it around and I don't care frankly but for me to get banned for sending someone a screenshot of someone else posting it inside flux servers is a bit ridiculous based on the fact that person publicly put their appearance out there in a public call and expecting nobody to send it around. No, it's not my place to be sending people someone else's details but at the same time, they are the ones that put it out there, and for myself to get permanently banned for not even posting it on the server is too far. As I mentioned early, most people that have been active around the last 2-3 years all know each other's IRL names and what we all look like. Shit, some people even know where others live and there is no punishment for that. My point is that you can't pick and choose what gets moderated depending on who is benefitting from it. If any staff did this (have, multiple of them) there is no punishment. If you don't want people sending around others' info, don't put it out there in the first place. If you don't mind then go for it, but if you were to ban every person that sent someone something personal there would be no players left on the server.
  2. I'm not sure why there isn't one, but I believe it would help most users with their posts and comments, especially if you're having to go back and forth between google to double check spelling on words. Not sure if this would be easy or not, but it'd go a long way for me at least.
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