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Staff Application - Darthchicken101

Guest Darthchicken101

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Guest Darthchicken101


I am trusted among most.

I have a fairly good understanding of reports and the process behind them.

I also have 6 Days and 22 Hours on this server.

I do have a mic that i barely use for the reason of the echo that it produces.

Joined Discord about 4 days back from this post.

I hope that my young age won't affect your descisions towards this application.


How I will react to reports:

Rdm: Check damage and shot logs. If the reporter has previously shot around the reported then that is t baiting. If the reporter hasnt damaged the accused, shot or killed an innocent then that is a true report againt the reporter which will result in a slay. If this continues, it is considered mass rdm which is bannable.


Metagaming: Will be warned. If this continues. 


Cheating: Using any kind of unfair script is bannable. Immediately.


So there is mah application   :P

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