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Gave Away All My Inventory & Leaving Flux

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Hey gang, probably not the right place to post this but just want to thank the cool people on the TTT server for making it enjoyable (Birb, Smol, Strawberry, Casanova, AX4Pigeon, gavin, Damnation, Bojangoose). These guys are the real MVPs because they don't take it so seriously when things like meme kills or funny RDMs happen and they go along with it in the name of good nature and video game fun (god knows how many times I've been rdm'd for a meme). I didn't want to just disappear and not provide some constructive feedback though.

My main reason for leaving is due to a situation where Nathanial something or other (can't remember his full name) was prop killing people and the server started to kill him with a call out of "KOS Nathanial" at the start of each round as a punishment but Nathanial being Nathanial instantly got butthurt and couldn't accept a few meme deaths from the community as a punishment and never forgave anyone who took revenge and was recording and gathering evidence the whole time waiting for an admin to come on to ban/slay people even though the whole situation started because he was prop killing randoms (seems very double standard to me). What rubbed me the wrong way was when an admin came on there was no soft mediation of the issue, it was straight to slays/gagging and being told to be quiet. This rubbed me the wrong way and made me realise that whilst yes the main portion of the community gets on for a fun time and a few memes, there is no sway or understanding from said admin in terms of community punishment against someone who was being a semi pest (I'll admit it probably got a little out of hand with the community retribution part).


My suggestion for these situations to the staff is not to come on and throw the slays down instantly. It's perhaps to make a point repayment system to the perceived "victim" (say $2000 points for each RDM) or start a proper chat about why said thing was being done. It was pretty obvious in the situation that the server had turned against Nathanial for a reason but the admin didn't care to explore why, it was straight to the slays. 

Another suggestion I would make is a rule change (or add) in terms of stopping people calling out who they think are traitors without proof are because it:

1. Slows the whole round down if that person is a traitor because said person can't do anything because he always has eyes on him meaning he has to either wait out the entire round or just throw his T round away.

2. It also means that any donator will be targeted for being a donator as people know these guys can purchase T passes.


Anyway just thought I would leave some constructive feedback on a potential new way to handle certain situations and a rule change that I think would help the server.

(p.s. another reason I'm leaving is it's far to easy to get addicted to the gambling/lootbox system in the server (I've spent over $1100 in a short period of time). This should be transformed into a shop system or market system where players can save up their money for a skin rather than have it locked behind a pay wall )


Have fun and don't take life too seriously,


Scion of Iron

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Sup guys, Nathanial here, aka the one mentioned in this post. I felt the need to respond to this post as I believe you've misrepresented some of what happened in this situation Scion.

First of all, I never actually prop-killed anyone. I was mucking about with a barrel pushing people around on ttt_rooftops, but I never once killed anybody, just pushing them around on the platforms (that means i never pushed anyone to their deaths or prop killed by throwing props into them.) This is when you and a couple of other players, most notably BRRRRT, decided to start constantly kosing me, killing me for no reason, relaying koses that were never said. I placed reports but that just seemed to egg you guys on. I ask you guys to stop in voice chat, as this was getting beyond a joke, with several others also chiming in asking you to stop, but you continue. With no mods on and you guys still kosing and lying in reports, I decided to boot up fraps and start recording, mentioning this in the reports no only so there'd be evidence that you couldn't just lie to get away with this shit and you'd get punished with slays, but also as a deterrent so you'd stop killing me consistently. This didn't work and i was constantly rdmed and false kosed pretty much every round for 2 maps, not a "few meme deaths" as you say, with you being the main person doing this, even kosing me twice when you were my T buddy and leading innocents to me once, with this ridiculousness only stopping when an admin came on. Now, i know i can be a salty bastard, and i can certainly take things abit too personally/seriously, and after getting rdmed round after round i certainly got heated, and perhaps i should have left the server and let everybody cool of abit. But also you shouldn't have gone with this ridiculous idea of "community retribution" either. I left the server that night feeling that everything was sorted out, with slays and warnings being given on both sided (I was gagged myself for talking some shit, which was deserved tbh.) I certainly didn't realise that this incident would make you want to quit the server, and this incident seems like a strange horse to die on. I should say before this incident I don't believe ive ever had any negative experiences with you before, and I thought you were a fine dude. I wish this situation had never happened, and i feel like its abit ridiculous to bring this situation here when it was already handled on the server, especially mentioning me by name. I'm a naturally anxious person and calling me out like this especially with what in my opinions are either lies or exaggerations is utterly stupid.

Never the less, I do want to apologies for my role in exacerbating this situation. If you ever want to hash it out on text or voice chat, hit me up on discord: The Queen Of Spain#9848 and I'd love to play if you ever decide to hop on the server again.

Peace, Nathanial.


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