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What are your favourite maps?


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Hi gay boi's and gurls!


Im bored in lockdown and found my old shitty TTT map I started to make and gave up on because T-traps are fucking bullshit hard to make work correctly.

What are your favourite maps to play? Why?
What aspects of maps do you like?

Personally I just want to make a map with interesting and not Insta-kill T-Traps, puzzles like rooftops etc.
Having a goal of something to do that isnt just "Survive" makes sitting around as innocent a bit more interesting imo.

What do you think?

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Have a clear set innocent or t win condition through a hardish to achieve map mechanic. One of the things that makes me love a ttt map is atmosphere as well, I'm a huge fan of ttt_amsterdam, dig down, concentration, or any map with darker overall lighting, but has large enough well lit areas for safety. Darker maps let you get a lot sneakier with how you dispatch innos, and let's you use the lighting to your advantage a lot more. 

As for T traps or puzzles and what not, something that's got specific use cases that aren't just "hit this button to kill someone" or solve a puzzle and just get a lame reward like a knife or something. T traps that cut off sections of the map to Innocents, or make traversing it a lot more dangerous are good. 

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Ilios well from overwatch. Make newton launcher great again

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My favourite maps are; ttt_complex_fix4, ttt_rooftops_2016, de_saturday_night, ttt_goldenplix_prison

Complex has one of the most map 'secrets' out of any map I have played, most of the painting on the walls do something, along with room 11, room 5, room 16 and room 12 having some hidden rooms, objective or breakable object... There is also the glass doors than you can open to get to the Tardis and Axe. 

ttt_rooftops_2016 has some pretty nice easter eggs and map secrets; aliens, flooding the map, traitor traps, allowing you to enter the sky box, Music discs, Tom Selleck's apartment, Annihilation Ending. It also has a pretty nice map design with plenty of high advantage points for sniping, buildings and dark areas to hide bodies. I would consider this one of the greatest gmod maps. 

de_saturday_night has a secret room you can teleport to with a maze and some other puzzles along with there being no tutorial on the internet that I was able to find or any indication on how to get to the secret room, it is pretty cool if you know it and can share between friends. It also is a visually different map than anything else I've played on and looks like the creation from someone on drugs. 

ttt_goldenplix_prison has a unique map secret that allows the traitors to get an instant win if they manage to escape the prison using the sewers. This is the first map that I can think of that allows the traitors to get a win by doing some secrets (Using the pay phone, collecting equipment from the truck, going to a sell and breaking the floor, entering the sewers and running to the finish line). 


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