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Corrupt A Wish


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Somebody will wish for something, Starting the phrase with "i wish", Like; "I wish for world peace"

And somebody will transform that wish in something terrible and make his wish, Starting the phrase with "Granted", Like:

"I wish I could travel through time"

-"Granted you COULD travel through time, you no longer can" - "I wish I could understand every language"

--"Granted, But you cannot speak anymore" --"i wish i could fly"

---"Granted, but you can't descend"


*****Claim the 5th page and I will give you a Hyper Beast*****


I'll start. 


I wish I could travel through time.

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Granted, but you will be paralysed from the eyes down whenever you enter a paused state. Additionally, you cannot control when time will pause or unpause, and pausing will occur no less than twice a day.

I wish I could accelerate and decelerate anything and everything I touch

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