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Changing skins mid-round

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It shouldn't be a thing, simple as that. 
Despite not being able to KOS off of skin, it still gives the people who do it an advantage by throwing people off. Changing your playermodel mid-round should be part of the disguiser, or not a thing at all. 
It just makes sense that you shouldn't be able to change your playermodel mid-round, just like how you aren't allowed to change your name mid-round, it's essentially the same thing. 


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Why does model changing matter? It's not like you should KOS off of a player model, you need a name otherwise you can't act upon it regardless. Besides, changing model is a strategic thing to do because, as you said, it throws others off your scent. Plus if the innocents are observant enough they'll notice that a player isn't wearing the model that they usually would, and the key to winning is to be observant after all.

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Everyone says the same thing, 'you can't KOS off playermodel', but you're entirely missing the point. If someone shoots at you, and you only see that they're say a Wookie, you'll start being on high alert for any Wookie players. Can you kill any Wookie you see? No. Can you be suspicious of them, watch them and see if they do anything else traitorous? Yes. That's quite literally the ENTIRE point of TTT, using deductive reasoning, evidence, and whatever else to find out who the traitors are and kill them... but can you do that if people can just change their playermodels every 2 seconds? Yes, but nowhere near as well.

Playermodels were intended to just be a fun thing that people can use to be a little bit unique on the server and stand out from all the default players, NOT as a means to get a tactical advantage in-game...
There's people using playermodels for something other than their intended purpose to get an advantage in-game, and nothings going to be done about it? That's literally exploiting which I'm sure I don't have to remind you is against the rules... just like how using !unstuck to get away from someone is exploiting because it's using that command for something it wasn't intended to be used for to get an advantage in-game... it's the same shit. 

There's a reason why literally every other TTT server from the dawn of time hasn't allowed people to change playermodels mid-round... at first when I joined Flux I thought it was just a major oversight that would be fixed soon, but I guess not. 

Is changing playermodels mid-game gamebreaking? No. But should it be a thing? Probably not. 

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For starters, Wookiee is spelt with two e's, I am spelt with one e.

Secondly, the point you are trying to make is like saying that players aren't allowed to swap weapons during the round. Say that you see someone killed by a deagle, now by your logic everyone who has a deagle is suspicious. It's the same principle. You see a Daft Punk kill someone, and now you want all people with a Daft Punk to be high sus. Now, if you were actually observant enough and used deductive reasoning, like you say TTT is all about, you would notice that quite often a traitor would remove their model after that model was called out for doing something traitorous.

Also, who are you to say that player models are only intended for something fun? If people have figured out that they can get an advantage over others by removing their player model, good on them! They're actually using their brains. The main reason I would say that other servers haven't got mid-round model changing enabled, is exactly that - they just haven't got it enabled. It's not like every single TTT server runs off the exact same pointshop and model equipping system.

Finally, this isn't exploiting in the slightest. Everyone has the ability to buy models, everyone has the ability to equip and unequip models, and everyone has the ability to swap them in the middle of the round. It is incomparable to abusing !unstuck because that command teleports you across the map to a new spawn location. I think it's safe to say that swapping your model doesn't do this.

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