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Statistics of Coin Flips


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Just some general mathematics and statistics for those who are interested.

So we all know coinflips, especially ones irl and the ones on the TTT server, coinflips aren't that hard to grasp at all, and if i'm not mistaken the code that went into it is 50 / 50, but how accurate is that?

If I did 6 coinflips, each for 1000 points.

1000 - CT Coin
1000 - CT Coin
1000 - CT Coin
1000 - T Coin
1000 - T Coin
1000 - T Coin

In theory, I have a 50% of winning these flips, so I should at least win 3 coin flips. But thats only in theory, in actuality it's all based on the luck of the draw, each flip is done seperately, giving you a 50% chance on each individual flip, not all the flips you choose to do. Try flipping a coin....Let's say 20 times, see how many times you got heads and how many times you got tails. I just did it then and I got heads 13 times, while tails only 7....But..What happened? In theory I should of gotten 10 heads and 10 tails shouldn't I? Well no, see this is where maths once again ruins simple games you might enjoy, every single, individual flip has a 50% chance on heads and 50% chance on tails, each individual flip, not all flips altogether.

When it comes down to it, it really is 'the luck of the draw' when you're doing a coinflip, each side has a 50% chance of winning, there is no rigged system, you're just unlucky. I wanted to make this thread because people have been losing 6 or more coinflips in a row and complaining about how they should have won at least half.


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