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Lambington for Staff on TTT

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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: 76561198055343029

Age: 20

Total Hours Played on Flux: 144

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Aeyon


About Lambington:


G'day, it is me Lambington!


  1. 20 year old sheep  guy from Victoria.
  2. Dare I say, a gamer. Been playing games for years, played and won at local LANs and made plenty of friends along the way.
  3. A big supporter of Essendon in the AFL, who single-handedly, this year alone, reduced my life expectancy by 30 years
  4. Your worst nightmare on a T round



Reason for Application:


We all know the dark times, the lawlessness of the wild west that can be Flux #1, and, god forbid... #2.
This however is a lot of the time, due to having no admins on. This will always happen, people have lives.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

spacer.png <-- "Lambington" The crowd whispers

No longer will I be the friendly, commando wielding lamb

I am applying to become your tasty, trial moderating Lambington

Qualities of a good Lambington

  • Not actually made of coconut, nor a woolly coat.
  • Experienced player with a strong understanding of the rules.
  • Dispute resolution and de-escalating tendencies.
  • Strong stage presence.
  • A man who spends time on the server and loves the community around it.



Previous Experience (if applicable):


I'm a veteran player with over 1000 hours on TTT since 2013. Well versed with the rules and pretty laid back and usually unofficially mediate to keep servers calm.

However, I do also have official role experience;

Cubix Servers 

DarkRP - Admin

TTT - Moderator




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Imagine following sports lmao

+1 Decent guy who keeps to himself most of the time, speaks up with anything he disagrees with. Seems like the kind of guy youd take to the movies 🙂 

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What times would you be active that staff aren't? What are you peak times that you seem to be on?

Have you had another name? Personally never seen you on.


Essendon sucks, even on drugs.

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Thank you for the application, however you seemed to go inactive mere days after applying, and have nor returned for a sufficient amount of time since. If and when you return to the server, you may reapply if you wish.

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