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itsa me, BlipBl0p

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my name blipblop

am 22 yr old



finished school 

Played gmod for almost 7 years now, Started on a couple fairly popular Deathrun(when it was popular, and autojump didnt exist RIP)/bhop/RP communities known as KxG and SGN, I preferred KxG so i became mod then admin then super admin then bhop manager after kxg went down and came back as Swift Gaming,
I Became one of the better AUS bhoppers around 2014~2015 on Monumental, then my computer cucked itself and i went AWOL for 3-4years.


One of my current hobbies is coding bots for a MMORPG known as oldschool runescape, make a good $


I finished a college paper on the husbandry of southern cassowary - 40 pages long - 💪

Am a part time animal attendant at a reptile park (not THE reptile park)

i play soccer for 14 years, then we went into no age/weight groups then some big fucker almost snapped my leg, so i quit

i Breed reptiles for a hobby - hmu if u want a bredli python, They're from the best lines in Australia

I have many animal pics of almost every animal

I play games some times
ok bye

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