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Hatchet Hank for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96104116

Age: 20

Current Server Level: 4 Weeks (Level 48)

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Jezza
Giga WRonin
Big Hoss



About Hatchet Hank:


I've been playing Flux since February 2022, and I'll admit, at first I was disruptive and not a productive player. It has been over a year since any incident, and multiple staff members, as well as members of the community, would agree with me that I am a changed and reformed man, who rose from the valley of the shadow of death to become a welcoming fluxer AND a hunk of a man. 

My hobbies include performing and writing music, watching films, and working out. I also study IT.



Reason for Application:


I play on Flux TTT almost every day of the week anyways, and think that I could help out with the staff shortage, as well as being able to mod at different times as Aussie players due to me living in New Zealand.

I enjoy being part of the flux community and want to help keeping it fun.



Previous Experience:



Have been playing Gmod since 2009/2010/2011 ish though.



Additional Comments:


BARBIE in Cinemas 20/07/2023

Reformed Hank for MOD 2023

Donations of fluxbucks are welcome.


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New Mod Rec from Wheezer
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+1 He's been reformed for quite some time now, and pretty much everyone has seen him on at some point. He also knows the rules, and I believe he'd make a good addition to the staff team

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+1 Hanky Panky 

best mod app i have seen all day, cant wait to play with Trial Mod Hank.


Additional Comments:

can't wait to see you in cinemas 

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+1 hank has reformed in game and no longer commits arson or rdm of any sort unless its on the opps, love playing with him and just a generally positive guy to be around. would fuck the shit out of

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From what I've observed of the individual has lead me to believe he's a pretty decent guy, acceptable member of the TTT FLUX Community, a user friendly personal which is able to provide assistance to those who are in need, I've yet to see him abuse another individual or violate any rules within the server. Additionally i see him on quite frequently. So it would be great to see him moderating the server and keeping the server clean.

Also the individual has managed to kill me with a Deagle, therefore he meets the prerequisites to have Hank as a future member of the staff team. 


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