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Stocks / Flux Coin system

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Stocks wouldn’t work because there couldn’t be capital gains or a form of dividends unless that of a specific user’s account currency, meaning that players with say, 20m+ would be their own respective coin. 

The issue with this idea would be that users could invest into their own coin via alts, and just trade their money to another account or other users for endless profiteering. 

Otherwise, if the mark value is randomized daily you stand to lose nothing if you just wait which instantly would ruin the economy even more, or if automatically draws out daily, it stands as pure gambling which is something that would never be added to the server outside of crates which even then, provide money back. Coin flip on the other hand stands as a handshake between two parties and there’s no “lose against the system” factor that would be present with this method of doing stock. 

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