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Gold sink ideas

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Here are some gold sink ideas that would suit flux TTT server:

  1. Taxes: Introduce a tax system in the game where players have to pay a certain amount of gold periodically. This will help to reduce the amount of gold in circulation and create a drain on the economy.
  2. High-value items: Create rare and expensive items in the game that players can purchase for a large amount of gold. These could be unique mounts, skins, or gear that offer significant benefits in the game.
  3. Crafting fees: Charge players a fee for crafting or upgrading their gear. The fee could increase with the level of the gear, making it more expensive to upgrade as players progress in the game.
  4. Auction house fees: Introduce a fee for using the auction house to buy or sell items. This fee could be a percentage of the transaction value, with higher fees for higher value transactions.
  5. Property ownership: Allow players to purchase property or land in the game, and charge them a maintenance fee to keep it. The more property a player owns, the higher the fee they would have to pay.
  6. Gambling: Create a gambling system where players can bet on various events in the game. The house would take a cut of all bets, acting as a gold sink.
  7. Repair costs: Make it expensive to repair damaged gear, incentivizing players to take better care of their equipment.
  8. NPC services: Introduce new NPC services that players can pay for, such as a personal trainer that gives a temporary boost to stats or a blacksmith that can enhance gear for a fee.

These are just a few ideas for gold sinks. You can experiment with different combinations of these mechanics to find what works best for your game economy.

edit: currently the biggest problem is that the only ways to get rid of money are just sending money to another person. the only exception to this is buying from the f3 shops (not market) apart from that and Marketplace fee theres no real ways of removing fluxbux from the economy, its all just going to someone else and never leaving circulation = terrible for economy which we are now seeing. not to mention the absurb amount of items just casually being generated every single round and for everyones dailies

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I feel that all of this comes from a good place, but the issue is, when you’re <300k which is the vast majority of players, it’s pretty hard to make money.

We stand at the end of the economy, with 10s of millions. Realistically our current system of money being thrown around in coinflip, then ending up in the pocket of 4 people hoarding it is not the best system. 


1) I feel that taxes wouldn’t make sense because anyone with large amounts would exchange their money for VIP items or weapons, which would raise the price of them due to supply-demand, which then negatively impacts on people who don’t have a lot of money because items become more expensive. 

2) The “expensive items” is my solution to the economy issue, adding a rotating packs in the new store that come with unique skins, playermodels, and other new items that will be coming out at a future point. 

3) Crafting could be added, but it could too easily be overpowered honestly. While it’s reasonable to have something like, 10 lv1 mod = lv2, but that makes gaining mods extremely easy honestly. Otherwise I don’t see what else could be crafted. 

4+5+7) Property is an interesting idea, but for anything meaningful to be displayed, each map would have to be customized to have some sorta function that displays the owner’s profile + picture, and it would be a major workload with little reward. I don’t see people using this sorta system just to have their name displayed, but I could be wrong. 

6) Gambling and more features like this probably won’t be added because the majority of our playerbase is made up of minors. Coinflip is one thing, but that’s 50/50 with no possible case of loss. It’s generally something that probably won’t be added. 

7) Repair + damaged gear? This is a weird one but I’d be interested in hearing more. If guns for example would start to have wear and tear, especially with the skins, that could be a really cool system, and it would work with the WIP gun project I’m exploring atm. 

8) NPC Services, uh dunno about this one tbh. I feel that stat boosts + etc aren’t good for the gamemode. When it comes to free gear, my thought was making every weapon in the store have a “borrow” system for new players, so they can rent out a weapon for free. Only 2 at one time however. These guns also wouldn’t level up until paid for. 

When you have millions, there’s really no need to use the money. It becomes a jerk off competition of who’s willing to flip more money, or people expect that you’ll just hand it out to people for free. I feel that there needs to be a solution for this but it’s honestly quite unknown.

With the store my pricing ideas were:
T1-T4 Playermodels:
10,000 - 50,000 - 150,000 - 700,000

T1-T4 Skins:
15,000 - 80,000 - 250,000 - 1000,000

The rest ranging depending on what it is. It’s just a general base idea. 

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1 hour ago, keepyourselfsafe said:

new player bad

I donate 28 mil server

why new player have fun? i donate 28 mil try have fun! maybe i donate more = fun?

i donate too much! economy wreck? how? 

 i too embarrassed! i donate 28 mil more. 

remove donation leaderboards from forums. PLS <

why i no happy? maybe server chi

NO! i no use money responsibly punish everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Onzl2z5gpQ

this guy gets it

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