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modifier crates

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The economy is in shambles, people have money and nothing to do with it except flip. The market is only good for buying cheap guns to strip (scam btw)

add crowbar mods to modifier crate
add different level mods, not just level 1

tier 1 mods: 80%
tier 2 mods: 19%
tier 3 mods: 1%

once its "predetermined" what tier you get, it then chooses the level

level 1: 80%
level 2: 19%
level 3: 1%

getting a tier 3 level 3 mod, is like 1/10000  which isnt insane, but gives a use for the mod crates


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True, this is a good point. I’m sitting at almost 38mil and it really just sits there unless I lose it bit by bit to coin flipping. Some sorta Luxury item that costs a mil each would be a nice way to recycle cash. 

I thought about this with a weekly cycle of exclusive items in the store but, the new inventory change hasn’t happened yet + is still being developed. 

With gloves and the new melee weapon models and other equipment that will be available soon, they could be what uses money but it’s quite unknown how people will have interest in that. 


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