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BlipBlop for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:30738846

Age: 26

Current Server Level: 44

Recommendation(s) from Staff: TheDevastator05


About BlipBlop:


highschool graduate, NOT a drop out
2 trades - plumbing and runescape and prop throwing
Anime weeaboo - but not a creep
dont really like furries, but i guess i can work with them
played gmod since 2013 - please see my first image from 2014 when i got my first lambrogeeni in Gmod PERP (pulsar effect role play) - most of you wont know, but it was the better version of DarkRP



Reason for Application:


I am writing to express my interest in becoming a moderator for the Flux TTT server. I have been playing for 4.3 years and have extensive knowledge of the rules and where to apply punishments.

In addition to my passion for playing TTT, I also have experience in animal foster care, which has taught me the importance of patience, responsibility, and attentiveness. I believe these skills translate well to the role of a TTT moderator, where it is crucial to remain calm and level-headed in difficult situations and be able to effectively communicate with players.

Furthermore, I and so so many others consider myself a great Person, which I believe is important for creating a positive and welcoming community. I am always willing to help others and am happy to answer questions and offer guidance to new players.

If given the opportunity, I am committed to upholding the rules and values of the Flux TTT community and contributing to its growth and success by being the symbol of the people.
Thank you for considering my application.

ok bye



Previous Experience:


Bunnyhop servers - Sr admin, moderator (which was basically admin) on Kryptix Gaming(KxG) SASS in 2013-14 - dead af. and Vulcan Network from 2022-current
Deathrun Servers - Head mod on KxG (shared staff between bhop/death run) Trial mod before it went down in a blaze of glory. - dead servers 
Murder - mod for KxG - Never played, what a shitlord game mod. - dead

Runescape 3rd party servers - Head mod (Lead staff) since 2018 Keeping the peace and justice amongst my staff team and stability within 2400 members 💋 also involves getting sponsors/advertisements and dealing with large amounts of cash flow for the owner.


Various experiences around the RuneScape community.



Additional Comments:


i have a couple bans on record, but i am past that stage in life after my epiphany and now i adopt dying dogs that otherwise wont see a loving family.


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8 minutes ago, gifcartel said:

will you be able to permanently ban all members of flux at a moments notice

Ya coz im a good boy that follows orders and directions from my SUperiors

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Despite your history and previous bans, I reckon if you ACTUALLY took staffing seriously along with your ability to get along with the community you may actually do well, although as currently being a T mod, my recommendation doesn't actually hold any value as far as I'm aware, although your behaviour has improved a bit since your application so I do wish you the best of luck with your application and, if accepted, I look forward to working with you. 

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