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Reporting STEAM_0:0:542524864 for Rule Violation

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Incident occurred on TTT, at 03/11/23 16:00 GMT+10.

My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465

Reported Player: Jusus (STEAM_0:0:542524864)


Description of incident:

Jusus is a pretty well known minge within the server and I am aware he has been banned for a week for rdm which is good but I still wanted to make a report on him from some of the shit I had to deal with whilst he played.
I found myself getting rdmed almost every round I was on with him and I didn't realise he was targeting me for a while so I wasn't getting evidence but after I put 2 and 2 together I started ss'ing logs etc.
The rdming was annoying but I think the guy is just seriously ill. He harasses me in game which is cool, idrc cause I just mute him but the weirdest thing was I decided to hop on a darkrp server and bro followed me onto the server just to harass me on there, wackiest shit I have seen in a minute. I don't have evidence of that but I just thought I would add it in here cause bro is actually disturbed 💀

From the link below you can see a bunch of rdm and ardm.
He would also send me a report at the start of every round and even sometimes halfway through the round just to have shit pop up on my screen but I'm not gonna bother including them.

also I do not know the time all this happened but it was on the 11th+ and it was all day




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39 minutes ago, Monk said:

juses got banned yesterday and is banned for a week for constant rdm

yeah so if we read what I said I did include that but that isn't my point. he got banned for something different, he got banned for consistent. I am talking about targeted.
I believe there is enough evidence linked here to add onto his punishment, remember that him being banned for something else has got nothing to do with me and all I want to see is him being punished for the rules he broke which are listed in this report.

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