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Frankie Bell's Staff Application

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RP Name: Frankie Bell

Steam Profile Link: Steam Community :: vDawnex

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:106749511

Age: 21

Playtime: 5 Hours

Why would you make a good staff member? 

I think I would make a great Staff Member to the Flux Community, because I am very active within the GMOD community, I'm caring, kind and out-going. I love to make people happy and put a smile on their face. I am understanding, I listen to both parties of engagement to then make the correct final call. Overall, I'm not here to ruin someone's day, I'm here to make sure that their day isn't ruined. I vow to make Flux Servers and Community a Fun, Loving, Caring and Overall, an amazing server to play on! 

Any prior staffing experience (includes command usage)? 

I have since been Trusted, Trial-Moderator, Moderator and Senior-Moderator for Coastal Servers, we used Billy's logs and also a-lot, !bring/!return ect... Since then, Coastal has made some big changes that a-lot of people weren't happy about, as now the servers down fall. I was there all the way to the end and even played the server for hours at a time with only the Owners and some staff online, my dedication to that server was very high until they hit that rock, which I am now looking for another community to help and bring kindness and caring players to!

Do you agree to the prerequisites listed above?

I 100% agree to the prerequisites above and also understand that my role could be taken off myself at any time

Thank you for taking your time to read this, 

Kind Regards, Frankie

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