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chips6yrold's Discord Appeal

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Server: Discord

SteamID: NA

Reason for ban: no clue

Issuing staff member:

Ban length: yes



hello it is i kookabruva aka chips6yrold or mememaker or who ever else i was known as, i would like to be unbanned from the discord server as i feel that since i was ungagged in the ttt server after 2 or 3 years i should also be ungagged in the community.

or not up to you

yours truly with love - me

umm i think it wont let me submit unless i make it longer so i will write this sentence as a sent ace contains the words that can be used to make a lie or forge a foe, words have to power to build empires or destroy worlds they can be good bad or down right ugly liek the word pants, i just hate the word, why pants of all things to be put on " legs" man English doesn't make any sense and frankly im fed up with it. But it's not like i could learn another language anyway since im too lazy

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