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Casino Rework


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Casino Owner currently has very little to do other than decorate the casino and own the doors. I suggest we improve to casino owner by:

  1. Reducing the job number from 2 to 1. It seems like a more individualised job like the banker, so it makes little sense why you'd have 2 owners for one building and for what is really 1 role.
  2. Remove the couch and pole. These are cute, but decoration should really be up to the owner and these take a lot of space.
  3. Add slot machines. These are already coded into pCasino, so it shouldn't be too hard to make a spot for them.
  4. Add pCasino seats by the games. Regular seats throw you off when you interact with the games, however the pCasino seats do not do this.
  5. Allow Casino owner to spawn (or purchase if possible) the pCasino entities to design and customise the casino for themselves. I am unsure whether this is practical or will be prone to abuse, but it would be very cool to utilise some of the larger properties to create a casino of your liking.
  6. If possible allow Casino Owner to take a percentage of the house's winnings. Not sure how this would be balanced exactly, but it would be a great incentive to created a fair and thriving casino!

Relevant Links/Content: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/pcasino-the-perfect-casino-addon-roulette-blackjack-slots-prize-wheel

How will this benefit the server?
Utilising the addons already loaded on the server is a good way to increase content for players without causing more lag or larger downloads. I feel a more fleshed out casino will be likely to increase the draw of players to the server.

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Hingashi smells

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