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Roleplay Information/Styles


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Roleplay Information/Styles

Hey there guys below is some information regarding certain taboo subjects surrounding roleplay and general roleplay styles. Whats generally important to remember is that roleplay is fluid, with it can be basically anything you want, as long as you currently aren't breaking any of the current rules. The only thing that can stop you're roleplay is the rules, staff say and the limits of your imagination.

Some of these topics can and will be moderated by the DarkRP staff team, and multiple different staff have different stays, generally, I'd like for this to serve as an information package and a basic guideline behind some of these styles, but its more of a staff opinion when it actually comes to dealing with these situations and the enforcement of them.

  • Dictatorsips/Fascism Regime's & Structures.
    • This leads basically into NaziRP in a certain way, as a server that has been around for a very fucking long time (arching back to Poseidon) the general concepts of Fascism and such have always been allowed and generally encouraged as a way of experimenting, especially as a mayor. I want to make it clear that NaziRP as a whole isn't tolerated, the whole setting up a reich and everything, basically a copy of what had previously happened in real life. Wat is allowed however are the concepts, this is sometimes blurred and greyed, and if you are ever confused I insist you reach out to either me or one of the staff team for clarification.
    • As a player you'l see mayors and organizations sometimes take on some of these principles into roleplay, surprisingly the concept does work well in the DarkRP environment, mass genocides (e.g. cops vs homeless), Fascist structures and regimes, propaganda you name it. But what currently isn't okay is obviously advertising Nazi Ideology as a whole, swastikas etc. 
  • RacistRP
    • Im just going to start this off the bat, joining the servers for the sole reason to minge and RP as a racist cop whos just going to yell "NIGGERS" and kill black skinned models really isn't going to go well for you. There needs to be actual thought behind your roleplay, for example a group of interest may develop racist stereotypes and negative relationships with the Italians over a deal gone wrong or a failed raid. Being racist for no inherent reason WILL get you punished.
    • There is a difference between roleplaying as a racist cop and incorporating it in your playstyle versus hiding behind "But Higashi said its ok?!?". I realise introducing this concept to a bunch of 10 year olds is very hard, and in this community there is a fair number of you that will abuse this opportunity to make a story out of your character, but all in all, if you abuse this for the sole reason of minging and being an idiot, you'l be banned.
  • TerrorismRP
    • Shockingly, yes this is allowed but to a certain degree, like all these styles and any styles in general, its the way you roleplay that determines whether its allowed or not. Suicide bombing into a group of innocents because you just want to massRDM obviously is a no go. However you can use this roleplay as a crime syndicate or organization to help achieve your goals: 
    • "Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims."
  • General Grey Areas in Roleplay
    • Grey areas in roleplay can and will always be dealt with by staff, the exact same way loopholes in rules is dealt with by staff. Generally speaking, if you have a grey area that isn't being abused and is instead being used to perform some really good RP, then its probably going to be allowed, however, using a loophole or grey area in roleplay will more often than not be dealt with harshly. If you are abusing loopholes to ruin peoples rp experience or just be a general cunt for no reason, you'l get your slap on the wrist all the same.

I know to some of you im just speaking to the choir, I understand how a majority of this community operates and there definitely some of you that will just abuse and minge your way into a ban, but please at least try to incorporate genuine roleplay into your gameplay. Oh and: "Don't ERP. Making funny noises with a friend in a house doesn't count" - @ Will Spunk

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