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CW Ammunition mod buff suggestions


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I'll just cut to the chase and say that currently almost all of the weapon ammunition mods are either unnoticable or a complete downgrade. For those who are unaware, part of the CW modpack includes attachments which offer a variety of buffs and debuffs (sometimes) to make a weapon more situationally powerful. Such as suppressors, which reduces recoil and firing sound in exchange for a 10% damage penalty. There are also ammunition attachments, but as I've already stated they are either unnoticable or a direct downgrade. 

Currently, there are 6 different ammunition mods, but I'll only focus on the 4 main ones which are used on more than 1 weapon. These are:

Slug rounds: Reduce pellet count to one, increases pellet damage by 800%

Flechett rounds: Increases pellet count to 20 (from 12), slightly increases accuracy (10%) and reduces damage by 40%

Magnum rounds: Increases damage by 15% and recoil by 25%

Match rounds: Increases ZOOMED accuracy by 30%

Right now they are currently free for any player to use, which does invalidate part of my argument. However, I'll also point out that there is literally only two scenarios when I can tell that someone is using an ammunition mod. 

1. The player is using the flechette rounds on any shotgun which isn't the M3, this is quite literally the only time where using an ammunition mod is a direct upgrade, as it pushes all 'other' shotguns (M4, Siaga, etc.) from 8*12 damage, to 5*20 damage. Meaning that without armour I can be one-shot from a noticable distance. 

2. The player is using slug rounds on any shotgun, I can tell because instead of it being a one-shot for the M3 (9*12) it takes them two shots to kill an unarmoured player, which invalidates part of what makes shotguns so potent. 

Whenever a player is using magnum rounds or match rounds, it makes zero difference on the engagement. Most of the time, magnum rounds give such an unnoticable bonus that it takes just as many bullets to kill someone. This is true for all the pistols, smgs (including FAMAS), rifles and M249, in fact all the magnum rounds do is make weapons harder to control. As for match rounds, since the bonus is multiplicative it will make the 90% ADS accuracy go to 93%, which means nothing.

I suggest a drastic buff for all the ammunition types to make them situationally more powerful, but also make going without ammo mods an option as well. 

Magnum rounds: Increase Damage from 15% to 30%, and increase recoil from 25% to 40%

Reason: It allows some of the weaker weapons like pistols to actually gain a noticable benefit from the mod, while also benefiting players who can control some of the more unwieldy weapons like a FAMAS.  

Match rounds: Increase ALL accuracy (ADS and hipfire) by 50%

Reason: Instead of the buff being unnoticable, actually make it do something. I'm aware that this will end up being an upgrade, so you could add a damage penalty to it. 

Slug rounds: Increase damage from 800% to 1200%, also might be worth adding a recoil penalty like 20%

Reason: With this, slug rounds will be able to do the same damage of 12 pellets (all shotguns have 12 pellet shots normally), in a single round. This is what it should have been from the start, instead of dealing less damage and being technically harder to damage a player with. 

Flechett rounds: Decrease the damage penalty from 40% to 30%, but also add an accuracy (Hipfire and ADS) penalty of at least 40%

Reason: Fletchett rounds will actually find a niche as extremely short range damage as opposed to being a weird mash of the two. The basic rounds for the M3, which already deal over 100 damage will still be useful as they are very effective and medium to close range. Further, the normal damage and accuracy of all shotguns are actually really good and its entirely possible to kill someone at a decent range with no upgrades already. 

With these buffs, the ammunition mods will actually be useful to a player in engagements and add a bit more variety to PVP. If these are found to be too strong as buffs, there is always the possibility of further adjustments and changes down the line. 


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Hey there vera, sorry for getting back to this post so late, but from the suggestions you have provided, the next update that will come out along side a potential fix for the engine error will have this and many more attachment kit changes,

Thankyou for your suggestions and hardwork on the serverside of the community.


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