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Rewards For Kill Milestones


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5 Kills = 20 Premium Points OR 3 Starter Crates OR $2,000 Flux Bux.
10 Kills = 50 Premium Points OR 3 Menacing Crates OR $5,000 Flux Bux.
15 Kills = 150 Premium Points OR 5 Abyssal Crates OR $15,000 Flux Bux.
20 Kills = 350 Premium Points OR 15 Abyssal Crates OR $40,000 Flux Bux.

2 T Kills = 20 Premium Points OR 3 Starter Crates OR $2,000 Flux Bux.
T Kills = 50 Premium Points OR 3 Menacing Crates OR $5,000 Flux Bux.
6 T Kills =  150 Premium Points OR 5 Abyssal Crates OR $15,000 Flux Bux.

(you wouldn't get to choose your reward (or maybe you would idk) but these are just some concepts of what you could get,
I know some of the rewards look too high but think about how many times someone has gotten 20 kills.

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