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Hourly, Daily and Weekly Challenges


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Hourly Challenges: Challenges that could be completed within 1-2 round if you actually tried.
Example of this: Get 3 headshots with any weapon/s.

Daily Challenges: Challenges that could be completed within 1-3 maps.
Example of this: Travel a total distance of 7,500m in 1 round.

Weekly Challenges: Challenges that would take a longer time to achieve but offer a higher reward.
Example of this: Crowbar 50 people.

Impossible Challenge: A challenge so hard only very few will successfully complete it. Impossible challenges would be daily and the prize offered would be very high in comparison to the other challenges.
Example of this: Get 5 kills with a single discombobulator.

p.s. I know people could just orchestrate 5 people to stand next to a cliff and for a guy to attempt to kill all of them with the discombob hoping that they all actually die which would be a challenge it self lmao, but maybe that's not the best example? idk, the idea for it is to be hard though, hard enough that someone would have to really try and try to achieve it.

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