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Hey there guys, I know this comes with alot of confusion and general concern with the new server. This post will serve to answer some questions that most of you might have around the server, what the go is and what the server has in store. If there are any other suggestions surrounding this server then feel free to shoot me a DM in discord or on the forums.

  • Flux DarkRP V2? Why?
    • This server was actually reintroduced after I left Imperial Gaming with the content that was added, a tldr on this situation is basically, I got permission from the previous Ownership of Posiedon servers to host the code and make changes as myself and @ Relyt saw fit. We ended up getting alot of players but got DDOS'd into the ground, so we had to close down the server, as our host and their mitigation simply was not good enough and no effort was being done.
    • Fast forward to now, myself being friends with menace and him having a very well mitigated server from ddos', I decided to introduce the concept and idea to him.
  • Wont this take away from the current TTT server?
    • I dont plan to advertise to the main discord at all in the slightest, only putting a DarkRP forum here. The server comes with its own community and staff team, and hopefully and expanding outside community that is sure to take off thanks to new people in the management and development team.
    • I don't expect any takeaways from the current server.
  • Who will manage and staff the server?
    • I will be the server manager, Tyger is the main developer at this current time, and I have set up a full management team to help me set up this server to make it a success, you can see all the current staff in the DarkRP staff list.
  • Whats this outside community?
    • Most of them consists of Poseidon Servers DarkRP community.

Questions that returning players may have:

  • What will you do to make sure DDOS' are mitigated?
    • I cannot promise anything, however our mitigation of DDOS' has improved substantially, and mitigating said DDOS attacks has been relatively successful. With @ Menace as our host and his reliable server backend skills, im confident we will overcome any and all DDOS' and improve our own infrastructure when it comes to future DDOS'.
  • What about my Trusted rank/Donation?
    • If you were previously a Trusted / Donator, that rank WILL remain. We will not remove your privileges for that role and since you supported the server in the past, you will still get all the added perks.
  • What can we expect in terms of content?
  • When can we expect a server release?
    • No more than a months time at the maximum, possibly sooner. We are working on bug fixes and improving on and adding more custom content to release in an amazing state.
  • Are we still on triton or fade?
    • Hinzy, the map developer of triton was kind enough to make updates to the map itself for us, so we will absolutely be using triton for our base map.
  • What about addons that were previously denied, like wiremod?
    • Wiremod and similar addons is still a maybe at this point, testing is required to iron out exploits and any kinks wiremod may have. Its not a no, just not right now.

I will continuously add to this thread as more common questions are asked.
Discord: https://discord.gg/YKVsFJetvY
Trello:  https://trello.com/b/IDGYIKYw/darkrp-dev-board

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