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/block Command For Players


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The concept of this command is "if there is a player harassing or annoying you by simply just existing or he's talking to much, then you can do /block <playername> and it will stop that.
It will mute the player and gag the player on your client and no one else's. 
How does this benefit anyone?: I see people all the time complaining about how when the map changes they have to re mute people and can still see what they are typing in chat. This does all of that and will last until you do /unblock <playername>.
There is plenty of feuds on the server cause by 2 or more players going back and forth, people being toxic, mingy and annoying towards other players and this command would block that person out completely which would not only prevent drama but also assist with staff not having "a good enough reason" to gag and mute these people because it's the little things that count. I've found people super toxic in game and they can piss me off my saying 4 letters words so this is a good prevention of that. 

Btw, I looked into this and it is entirely possible to do.

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