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Nick's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465

Reason for ban: Shitpost/Content Moderation

Issuing staff member: Wookie

Ban length: 6 Months




I sh*tposted something about trey becoming staff in march and received a 6 month content moderation for it.
I acknowledge my mistake and just think 6 months was too long.
Now that suggestions have been moved to the forums I want to be able to take place in discussions about those suggestions without having to wait 1hrs-3d for a moderator to approve of it. I am aware the post was immature and do think I should have received some sort of punishment for it but I don't think half a year is not fair for one post that was considered sh*tposting.

Like I said, I acknowledged the mistake and want to move on. There is a little over 2 months left on the restriction and think that within the 4 months I have had it I have had time to think about my actions.



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Hey @ Nick @ marci
We've reviewed your case and agreed that the ban should be lifted.

There was a hold up in figuring out the actual way to lift the restriction, it was a bit more fiddly than anticipated, but that seems to be resolved now.
Let us know if there's any restrictions still in place that shouldn't be.

/approved and closed.

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