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Willy Wonka Type Event


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Sounds Goofy but the idea is alright.

So basically, an event is hosted for around 2 weeks or so where people have a chance of unboxing a very very rare item out of the abyssal or the eternal crate called the golden ticket.
This item would be rarer than the a glitched and there would only be ONE golden ticket. Winner gets a custom skin off @ Nekota for a weapon of their choice.
Idk what else to add but yeah, sound like a good idea in my head.

How does this benefit the server?: Well people like playing TTT for not only the gameplay but for the cosmetics and the pointshop as well. If I had nothing in my inventory idk If I would bother playing as much as I do, it makes you feel good about yourself ingame. Nekota has done custom skins before and if he was on board with this then I don't see why not. Just another event, just like the clip contest.

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more info
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