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Crowbar Modifiers and Skins


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The server has it's fair share of perks for weapons but I don't see why the crowbar should be left out, you don't get any reward for using it except for getting the kill.
We also would have to find a medium for the crowbars since we don't want them being overpowered compared to a gun.
I think the best way to do this would be to only let the crowbar have 1 modifer, the player would have to choose what they would want to suit their playstyle.

Some rough ideas for these mods would be:
- Swing 20% faster
- do 15% more damage
- push 50% further
- fire burning
- deploy speed
- greed 
those are just rough ideas but the idea of only having 1 mod allowed to start with, then it can follow the same prestige system as the guns and be allowed a second mod at max.

We have 1 crowbar skin, Christmas, that's it. We need more. plz and ty. (btw @ Nekota fix the Christmas crowbar)

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The Xmas crowbar’s line error is due to a single texture being used over two bodygroups, the reason why more haven’t been added yet is because either:

A: The crowbar model needs to be changed

B: The changes I requested almost a year ago need to be made, which I’m still waiting on, so I’ll be able to do more with skins

I am waiting for the next break in work to release more melee weapons. However on the topic of mods, I personally believe there should only be visual modifiers such as:

(VIP+) Donator Crowbar - turns victims into gold upon death

And other similar effects that act as cosmetic modifiers. I don’t believe the base crowbar, or future melee weapons should have modifiers that are lacking downsides, an example of this would be “The Pen” crowbar which trades damage (-70%) for a +50 swing speed, allowing you to create crowbar hit mark artwork more easily. This is one of the ideas I’ve had on the topic of an actual modifier that changes stats, otherwise it hasn’t been taken out of anything but planning unfortunately. 

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That's not a bad idea either. 

There are a lot of visual death effects in GMOD so it would be a nice touch. 

But I still like the idea of grinding for something with the crowbar, entice people to use it more. 
Personally I would love to kill people with the crowbar but I don't get anything from it compared to an extra kill on my deagle so that's where I am. I just want a grind for the crowbar.

Maybe it could be made so you need to grind/get x amount of kills to access the death effect, idk.

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