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Trusted Guidelines

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Trusted Guidelines


By applying for trusted, you agree to the following terms and you must obey them, or you will risk losing your trusted rank.

This is not the only thread, you should be reading before applying. Read this thread clarifying the trusted rank.


Advanced Dupe:

  • You will not spawn massive bases while there are 35+ players - If you have spawned a big base before the server becomes busy, you agree to take responsibility and remove the base.
  • You will not spawn items that bypass blocked items or tools (the only exception is super iced)
  • You will not spawn any dupes that trap players or the gaming experiences of others
  • You will not spawn anything which can prop-kill or break any other server rules


  • You will not spawn them randomly in the street
  • You will not make flashing lights to annoy other players
  • You will not use lights to irritate other players as you would with any other prop

If you are caught doing something irresponsible/dangerous with the tools you are granted, you are risking losing them permanently with no chance of getting them back. If you are reading this, put the phrase "it was a wombat on a surfboard" in your application somewhere. By applying for trusted you are agreeing to be responsible with the tools, and to set an example for regular players. By getting these tools, you are agreeing that they can be taken off you at any moments notice.


As trusted you will be given access to the commands voteban, votekick and cleardecals. You agree to use these commands responsibly and if you do not follow these guidelines your trusted rank will be stripped.


  • If staff members are on, you may only use these commands with a staff member's permission.
  • If a staff member does not respond or denies permission, do NOT proceed with the vote unless the staff member is clearly AFK (no ULX or chat activity whatsoever).
  • If the staff member approves your request, you must first discuss the vote over OOC (ie. "Votebanning Perrin Barteaux for 120 minutes for blatant RDM")
  • Only then may you proceed with the vote provided there are no overwhelming objections to it. In the incidence that there are overwhelming objections, contact a staff member on your Steam friends list if you have any. If not, it is your choice as to go through with the vote but be mindful of any consequences that may come about. 
  • If there are no staff members on, you still first need to discuss the vote over OOC as explained above, and once again only proceed with the vote if there are no major objections


  • Do not use this command excessively as it does not have much positive effect on server performance and will actually cause problems if used too often. Anyone caught spamming the command intentionally will lose their trusted rank.
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