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- Before changing to a new job/a job that you are unfamiliar with, please read the rules relevant to the specific job (Located at the bottom of the rules list)

DarkRP Glossary:

  • Random Deathmatch (RDM) - Killing without legitimate roleplay reasoning - also known as freekilling
  • Random Tase (RDT) - Tasing without legitimate roleplay reasoning
  • New Life Rule (NLR) -Do not remember things after death from your past life (this includes job changes)
  • Fail Roleplay (FailRP) - Roleplay created that is not within the rules and is unrealistic. eg. Protecting a base that does not belong to you or the person you are working for.
  • Fear Roleplay (FearRP) - Actions taken that risk your own life/somebody else’s. FOR EXAMPLE - Someone has a weapon to you (this includes tasers+knives) and they are giving you an order (drop your wallet, unlock a door, etc) you must abide by their orders as you fear for your life. NOTE: If you are being held under FearRP and the person decides to shoot you, FearRP no longer applies, treat it as a gunfight from then on.
  • Metagame - Mixing your own knowledge (learnt out of character) with your character's knowledge. Ie. Hearing printers (or seeing sparks) or drugs being made and loitering around drug NPCs waiting for drug dealers, etc 
  • Powergaming - Forcing a player into an unrealistic or an unfair RP situation.
  • Double-dooring - Placing two doors (fading or world) too close (within a meter, or roughly the size of a 1x1 block) to each other.
  • Random Weapon Check (RWC) - Checking a player for illegal weapons for no reason.


Useful things to know:

  • To type in group chat, press "u" followed by a message
  • To contact the Police, type /cr followed by your message
  • To private message somebody, type /pm followed by a part of their name that is unique to that person, followed by a message
  • To set a bind to say something in chat. Go into console (accessed by typing `) then type bind (letter) "say (message)"

Combat Engagement

You may fire at someone if:

  • - They have threatened your life (or the life of someone you are associated with).
  • - They are trespassing and you have given them 10 seconds warning.
  • - They are firing at you.
  • - They are hitting you with the climb SWEP or stunstick

Note: Any rules may be interpreted at Staff discretion. The MOTD is not exhaustive.

General Rules

Common Sense

  1. Don't disrespect other players in out of character (OOC). This includes being racist and/or sexually harassing players.
  2. Don't do anything/threaten to harm the server or players
  3. Don't involve yourself in Admin situations if you're not involved in the first place
  4. Using a bug/exploit to your own advantage will result in a ban. Report it to a Staff member so they can get it fixed.
  5. Don't attempt to prop climb, surf, kill, push or spam
  6. Don't ever take what needs to be an Admin situation into your own hands. Contact a Staff member via @ <message>
  7. Don't demote someone for an OOC reason if there is a Staff member online.
  8. You can demote for roleplay reasons (ie. Police Chief demoting a bad cop). Make sure you include “IC” in the reason and discuss it in OOC.
  9. Don't use OOC chat for roleplay reasons. Use /pm or /advert
  10. Don't use the job feature to spawn shipments for solely yourself (self-supply) or friends, or to gain an advantage (i.e police to get a gun); this is job abuse.

Building Rules

  1. When you are building a base, you MUST have a building sign (that clearly says ‘BUILDING’) out the front of your base in clear sight.
  2.  You are not in active roleplay while you are building - this means you cannot raid.
  3.  While you are building, you may not have any form of valuables. This includes shipments and printers, even if they are in your pocket. You may have guns equipped, but none in your pocket.
  4.  Don't abuse fading doors (using your physical keypad to activate them) in a roleplay situation such as a raid.
  5.  Keypads/buttons must be within a metre of the fading door that they activate. They must be in clear sight and unmaterialised/coloured and when activated must hold for at least 4 seconds.
  6.  A base can only have a maximum of two keypad activated fading doors. One can be used for an entrance, the other can only be used for a SEPARATE vault or small area for valuables. (ie. No hallway entrances with one keypad door at the front, and one at the end.) This means NO "kill corridors".
  7.  No force-crouch/jump entrances, mazes or traps.
  8.  You may prop-block an entrance leading to your base, provided there is at least 1 fully functioning entrance that is within the rules.
  9.  A fading door may only consist of a single prop so that police can batter it down.
  10.  You may have as many shooting holes as you like as long as they are all activated by buttons.
  11.  Shooting holes must be from hip to head height. If you are unsure, ask a friend or an admin to help you out.
  12.  You cannot materialize fences as they can be shot through.
  13.  You cannot have fullblack props.
  14. Don't build in places you don't own.
  15.  You cannot build any bases within the PD that uses Keypads or push combatants into extremely tight places.
  16.  Don't build on/over the streets. Hobos are no exception; they may only build on the sidewalk and in parks.
  17.  Don't megabase (extremely large bases). We qualify a megabase as a base that uses more than one property.
  18.  Kill on sight (KOS) signs are not allowed. In order to kill someone for trespassing, you must give them an (or multiple) obvious 10 second warning that if they don't leave they are going to be killed
  19.  You can only build on roofs with admin permission


  1. You must wait 10 minutes before raiding the same place again. This is ten minutes from the END of the first raid, not the start.
  2. Thieves may be hired by a gang BUT only to lockpick/keypad crack. They cannot assist with shooting. 
  3. Crips, Bloods, Cultist, Mafia and Cartel cannot raid together.
  4. In order to raid as a gang, the Gang leader and at least 1 gang member must be present.
  5. Counter raiding the PD/Bank is allowed as long as the party that you are counter-raiding has NOT activated the vault/armory yet. When this happens they will become auto-wanted by police.
  6. You cannot spawn props while raiding or being raided.
  7. Criminals/Raiders may take hostages to use against the Police Force to create fear RP, unless dictated otherwise by specific job rules.


  1. All Gangs and Thieves can mug. This does not require a leader present.
  2. You cannot request a specific amount of money while mugging. You must say "drop your wallet" or something similar, then the person you are mugging can make up an amount which they think they should have in their wallet and give it to you.
  3. Mugging can be done at any location in the map, it is generally advised you do this in deserted areas.
  4. Homeless people may not be mugged.

Specific Job Rules

All Government Jobs

  1. Government jobs include: Mayor, Police Chief, Police Officer, S.W.A.T Officer, Banker, Doctor
  2. You may be demoted - in character - for doing anything illegal or being corrupt.
  3. The police force may arrest anyone past the PD Lobby, or kill anyone armed with hostile intent provided you have followed the rules of engagement.
  4. During a lockdown, the police force may arrest any players outside after an obvious 10 second warning.
  5. You must always have a valid roleplay reason to search, warrant, or want a player. 
  6. Combat Tasing is NOT allowed. i.e. Tasing someone who is using a firearm or other weapon.

Mayor & Deputy Mayor

  1. You may be demoted for corruption if witnessed breaking your own laws
  2. You may not create laws in which hinder roleplay in an extreme manner. EX: ("You must always jump"). This includes making jaywalking illegal, as well as forcing hobos to live in the sewers.
  3. You may not create laws in which allow random arresting, random warrants or anything against server rules.
  4. Default Laws are always in effect, you cannot create laws contradicting these.
  5. You may only place a lockdown if there is a proper RP reason for it. An example of this is PD/Bank being RAIDED. You must advert or broadcast this reason before initiating lockdown.
  6. You may not own anything more than a 1-Handed weapon.
    1. You CAN own a Mac11 OR MP9
  7. Deputy Mayor must follow same rules that Mayor does.
  8. Deputy Mayor may overthrow the current Mayor under IC/RP purposes

Police and Police Chief

  1. You must enforce the Mayor's Laws unless they are breaking server rules (in which case contact staff via @ <message>).
  2. If a player is wanted, you must attempt to arrest them.
  3. If a wanted player is armed with hostile intent, you may kill them if you have given warning or they are shooting at you.
  4. If S.W.A.T members are online, you may only assist in RAIDS. They must execute said warrants while online.
  5. Do not intentionally place illegal items or goods inside of a player's base to arrest or warrant them.
  6. You may build a checkpoint with valid ADMINISTRATOR authorisation
  7. You cannot camp outside a drug dealer’s house or next to the NPC waiting for them to sell drugs - this is metagaming.

Undercover Cop & Detectives

  1. May infiltrate illegal gangs and supposed criminal organisations
  2. Can be corrupt
  3. Follows same rules that Police Officers do, but can suspend in arresting someone if it means breaking their cover.
  4. Undercover Police do not need to identify as 'Undercover' in their job title.


  1. S.W.A.T are not allowed to purchase black market weapons as with all other jobs, but they are allowed to utilize them if they have been found in a police operation.
  2. You must serve any active warrants or seek any wanted players
  3. You may only RAID with a valid warrant
  4. If a player is wanted, you must attempt to arrest them
  5. If a wanted player is armed with hostile intent, you may kill them if you have given warning or they are shooting at you.
  6. Do not intentionally place illegal items inside of a player's base to arrest or warrant them
  7. You may build a checkpoint with valid admin authorization
  8. Cannot be corrupt.
  9. Cannot change skin or go undercover.


  1. May not refuse to heal a citizen for no reason.
  2. Cannot heal during combat.
  3. Cannot heal certain people exclusively (ie. becoming “bloods medic” or “mafia medic”). UNLESS
    1. You are named ‘Underworld Doctor’
      1. Underworld Doctors cannot heal anyone that isn’t associated with criminal activities.
      2. There can only be a maximum of 2 in this profession 
  4. Can team up with drug dealer to unjustly sell drugs as Prescription medicine


  1. May legally store items such as weapons and printers in the bank.


  1. Can raid bases, shops, the police armory and the bank vault.
  2. Can mug
  3. May take hostages but only during raids or a lead up to a raid. (e.g. to enter a building)

Gangs & Criminal Organizations

  1. This category ONLY covets ruling of: Mafia, Cartel, Bloods, Crips and Cultists
  2. All gangs may kidnap and/or take people hostage
    1. Gangs can only have a maximum of 5 Hostages at one time.
  3. Gangs Can raid both Shops & Bases BUT must have a leader present
  4. Any sort of raid MUST be lead by the Leader
  5. All gangs are allowed to mug individually
    1. Depending on your job its important to note how you undertake this.
  6. If the Leader dies during a raid, all members may continue raiding
  7. Roleplay is fluid, keep in mind as long as you aren't breaking any of the current rules, roleplay to your hearts content.


  1. As a cult, you're main job as a roleplayer should be spread influence of your organisation/cult/religion, not just particularly being a general gang.
  2. As a cultist, you can sacrifice and kill people for your cult/religion/deity, but the Cult Leader must be present.
  3. A sacrifice must take place at your base, or in a public display nearby your base.
  4. You may sacrifice as many players (As long as they are in captivity) as you want at any time.


  1. Only Cartel may sell their hostage/s for DIRECT currency, these hostages however can be bought by anyone.
  2. Cartel may also exchange hostages with police for the release of individuals/goods.
  3. Cartel may employ/base with a single drug dealer to produce drugs


  1. You may, instead of raiding shops/businesses, offer protection to said shops/businesses in exchange for a tax or goods. There is no limit to how many shops/businesses you may have under your protection.

Bloods & Crips

  1. Bloods & Crips may own turf around their base, this area acts as a KOS zone under certain conditions.
    1. It MUST be obviously marked using textscreens
    2. You may only KOS your rival gang (For Bloods its Crips and vice versa), for all other jobs you must give them 10 seconds as normal.
    3. You must get a staff member to agree on these turf boundaries

Club Owner

  1. Do not play music outside the club.
  2. Do not play extremely vulgar or racist music.

Homeless Bums

  1. Homeless Bums can't have firearms, but they can have knives and machetes.
  2. Homeless Bums may only build on the sidewalk, parks, or carparks.
  3. You cannot build directly in-front of someone's base or store without explicit permission from the owner.
  4. You cannot have keypads. You can only have buttons.

Security Guard

  1. Must protect and WORK for person they are hired by to protect their base.
  2. They may not assist in raids on other bases.
  3. Security Guards are allowed to be hired as a Militia organisation, each group can only have a maximum of 3.


  1. Must not complete a hit on someone if the reason given is not a valid reason. This includes reasons in breach of NLR and for out of character reasons.
  2. Do not accept hits on the mayor for reasons like “I don’t like his laws”. There needs to be a more specific and valid reason.
  3. If you are unsure if the reason given is valid or not, feel free to ask a Staff member
  4. Cannot use keypad cracker & lockpick to raid bases, or help raid bases unless it's to get to his hit target

Black Market Dealer

  1. Don't advertise that you are selling black market guns. You need to disguise them as something else.
  2. May own a store, but again, as it is a BLACK MARKET, it needs to be disguised as something else.
  3. Black market items are always illegal.

Gun Dealer

  1. All Gun Dealer weapons are legal unless the Mayor/lawboard says otherwise.

Drug Dealer & Mixologist

  1. Cannot have a tube or anything similar going from his base to the drug NPC. 
  2. Drug Dealers can only advertise his services discretely, ie. ‘Chemist’
  3. All drugs are illegal.
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