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New TTT Weapon changes and more.

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Changes 01-04-19



Another week another set of changes. Introducing a few new weapons for Innocents and Traitors!



  • Rate of Fire: increased slightly
  • Head shot Multi: Increased to 4.0x



  • Accuracy: Increased slightly:
  • Damage Increased to 23
  • Rate of fire: Increased slightly


Blue Dragon:

  • Rate of fire increased moderately
  • Damage: Decreased to 20


AWP: (traitor variant)

  • Ammo increased to 6
  • Rate of Fire Increased significantly
  • Recoil: Reduced significantly


AWP Dragon Lore (New Weapon in Platinum, Fusion, Classified Crates)

  • Damage: 69
  • Ammo: 4/20 (clip/reserve)
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.337

Shoots 2 bullets with a Rate of fire of 666 rpm



Boomerang: (New Traitor weapon)

  • Throw a Boomerang at unsuspecting innocents causing knock-back and 50 damage. can bounce of most surfaces returning to the user after 8 bounces


Predator blade:

  • Move speed: decreased to walking speed.
  • Damage reduced to 1 (+2 Self damage)


AK-47 Dragon:

  • Rate of fire: Increased moderately
  • Damage: Increased to 25
  • Accuracy: increased moderately



  • Damage Increased to 56
  • Rate of Fire: Decreased significantly
  • Accuracy: Decreased moderately 


Knife (traitor weapon)

  • Can now be thrown and retrieved from bodies a total of 5 times.


Snipers (all inno variants)

  • Headshot multiplier increased by 0.1x




























----- :heart: Or not. April fools. :heart: -----

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